What is Aptitude Development?

Today's school methods are rote etc. developing tunnel vision - none of which is desirable. The same school methods (along with GENUINE & ARTIFICIALLY CREATED FORMULAE!) are dished out with great slogans and promises as aptitude development stuff.

Mugging up formulae and methods, drilling a 1000 times and vomiting answers at supersonic speeds is not aptitude development!

Aptitude is thinking and reasoning out of the box and not by rote memory nor uni-directional thinking nor traditional thinking.

A Sample Problem!

A shirt costs Rs.840. There is a festival discount of 12 Fr_1-2 (1K) % on it. How much is the discount?
School Solution
1)   percent calc 1 (1K) = ... ... ... = Rs.105.       (Using 'school definition' of percentage!). This method needs working on paper and time.

The solutions below are non-school, non-conventional & lateral - true aptitude development material.

These are mental calculations done in a couple of seconds - once your mind is trained, of course.

Remember we need to calculate 12 Fr_1-2 (1K) %. That is all.

2)  Of 840, 10% is 84; 2Fr_1-2 (1K)% is a fourth of 84, i.e. 21; so discount (total) is Rs.105.
3)  100% >> 50% >> 25% >> 12Fr_1-2 (1K)%; So halve 840 three times; 840 >> 420 >> 210 >> 105; so Rs.105.
4)  12Fr_1-2 (1K)% of 840 is simply 'one-eighth' of 840; divide 840 by 8; so is Rs.105.