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[Doss Fast Addition and Subtraction Technique]

  • Mental Addition/Subtraction
  • without paperwork or
  • fingerwork.

    To Add A Single Digit

    Method 1:
  • Using Addition Tables
  • Easy way to teach Tables

    Method 2:
  • NOT Using Addition Tables
  • Easy, Simple, Natural way


    DossFAST technique is introduced.

    This very simple technique avoids carryovers and borrowings.

    Useful in homes or schools.

    4 weeks course; @ 10 minutes a day

    See tremendous change in 2 weeks
    Child would mentally add in seconds

    Young mothers may start very early
    (before school begins to confuse the child).

    You may contact author anytime by email for any help or consultation regarding the methods etc.

    Cost: Rs.150

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  • Mental Calculations (+, -, x, )
  • in 1 - Step
  • without paperwork
  • in under 10 seconds

    Also teaches 1-Step Squares, Cubes, Roots, Percentages etc. etc.

    Any one method is learnt in minutes
    Start using the technique straight away!

    Any Calculation done in seconds.

    No more Rough-Work!

    Children will not need the rightside rough margin in their school mathematics note-book for calculations.

    DossQUICK MATHEMATICS is the main thrust of the MagicMaths Programme.

    Look at this as a 'dictionary' of calculation techniques!

    You do not learn all the words in a dictionary; likewise you do not have to learn all the techniques from the book. Just a handful of methods are enough for all school calculations.

    Anyone (not just children and students) should love this book.

    This programme is an eye-opener and excellent brain-activity for grown-ups.

    Selected QM Techniques is ALSO available:
    as a DVD + BOOKLET combination!

    QM DVD LABEL and BOOK 400x150

    Cost: Rs.600

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    An unusual book.

    Solving Aptitude Problems using:

  • Un-conventional
  • Lateral
  • Non-school methods and
  • Mental models
  • with No writing
  • Multiple approaches if possible

  • Aptitude Problems [upto CAT level] solved in seconds.
  • All required Theory
  • Solved Examples to demonstrate
  • Hints for other problems

  • Recommended from age 14 (Std. IX).
    No upper age limit to enjoy this.

    Aim of the Magicmaths Project:
    Teach Good skills
    ('Marks' follow naturally & effortlessly);
    Not just exams and grades.

    Cost: Rs.900

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    [ Bhascara's Lilavati - 1150 A.D. ]

    AIM of this BOOK:
    To 'Declare':
  • There is Indian Maths.
  • Earliest record is 3000 yrs. old.

  • India gave the world,
  • Numbers
  • Including '0'
  • Arithmetic &
  • Much more.

    The book that opened my eyes and induced me to write this GANITA:

    Classics of Indian Mathematics
    Algebra, with Arithmetic and Mensuration, from the Sanskrit of Brahmagupta and Bhaskara

    Translated into English
    -by Henry Thomas Colebrooke,
    Published in 1817 A.D.

    You can access this book on the internet!

    Bhascara's Lilavati (1150 A.D.), incorporating Brehmegupta's (580 A.D.) and earlier works, was the authoritative work of the times, of the complete Ganitha. This became very popular in all parts of India and Abroad. As usual it was translated into Arabic and Persian.

    I have tried to maintain the original flavour, with additional explanations and comments (or notes) where I thought might be needed.

    The Indian maths, is better appreciated in its own enviornment and style. In that way, it is much easier and very much faster to work with, than the corresponding work today.

    The material is very relevant today and it is time our 'educationists' wake up and blend our own Indian skills and methods in our day to day curriculum.

    I sincerely hope this book creates an awareness among Indians regarding the wealth we have inherited so that we, our children and our children's children may walk with our heads raised.

    Recommended to everyone and, in particular, to EVERY INDIAN.

    Cost: Rs.600

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  • How to get the books?

    You can get the books directly from Prof. Doss only. He prepares a few copies at a time as a service.

    You mail Prof. Doss indicating the names of the books and the place they are to be couriered.
    Prof. Doss will get the rates and mail you.

    You send the amount by any of the leading money transfers like Western Union to:
    M. A. Thiruthuvadoss, [cell: +91 9445204774]
    57/6 Indiranagar First Avenue,

    Books will be dispatched within the next day or two of receiving the money.