09. Superstition & Rational Logic

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1. I went to the beach, with a few friends, early in the morning
At 6.24 a.m. the sun peeped above the immense sheet of water with its orangish glow. Of course we all enjoyed it, but not really all.

A couple of others were able to see the above. But, one other friend who was totally blind did (and could) not see anything at all.

Yet another, who was blind, by birth, to orange colour, had a different experience.

What should the last two special friends do? If they accepted or believed in that morning's orange-coloured sun-rise, are they wrong, or is it foolish and blind faith or superstition?

2. Think of this possibility also.
Like the case of the people with 'lesser' vision capabilities, ther could be people with more or higher vision capabilites above the normal human levels (perhaps a birth-'defect' or 'acquired').

Can (or should) we always say or assert that the majority or normal levels are always right and all else is NOT?

3. Is there any Range-Rover in Chennai?
I think Chennai has a very limited number of Range-Rovers. So the chances of many even siting a RR on Chennai roads is bleak. Can someone make a statement that there is no RR in Chennai? Obviously the person had not seen a RR in Chennai. This 'ignorance' (Ignorance cannot become wisdom!) or lack of knowledge or information is not sufficient to assert there is no RR in Chennai. At best he could say, "I DO NOT KNOW. PERHAPS THERE ARE OR THERE ARE NO RR'S. BUT I HAVE NOT SEEN ONE SO FAR.'

Is there a god, God, heaven, Heaven, hell, Hell, asuras, devas, etc. etc. is not dependent whether one thinks, feels or believes or accepts etc.

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