08. Perception & Logical Reasoning
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Four friends are sitting on the beach on a very cloudy-day. Suddenly there is a very loud thunder. Imagine the friends' possible reactions:
  1. Normal Person: "Very Loud!"
  2. Blind Person: "Oh! Deafening!!"
  3. Deaf Person: No expression (no reaction)
  4. Dumb Person: Some body-reaction
Sensory Perceptions
These reactions differ according to the individual's Sensory Perceptions. All our 'facts and truths (including the 'scientific' ones)' are, at the root, based on sensory perceptions only. Even if you use some sort of gadgets or processes in scientific experiments or in the study of other phenomena, the final observations are based on your senses only. Our sensory perceptions are like the set of 'inputs' (key-board, USB socket, mouse, ...) into the 'computer', ...

The deaf not hearing the thunder is as much true, naatural and obvious as the normal person hearing the thunder. The deaf, eventually accepts and believes in 'sound, thunder, etc.' trusting the normal person's experience and his perceptions. "Would you call this superstition, or blind belief?" What is 'authentic scientific' data for the scientist is the same for the ordinary non-scientist aslo!

(Most) humans have (maximum) 5 senses. The 5-sensed human easily spots if someone has less than 5, say, 4 or 3 or ...

What if one has 6 senses? No one would be able to find out. The 5-sensed human has no way of sniffing someone's extra (6th!?) sense if he doesn't have the same himself. A person who does not possess a sense has no way of 'sensing' that 'sense'! A blind person cannot recognize the 'vision capability' of another! Hence, perhaps, the maximum number of human senses are fixed at 5.

The fact is that most have 5 senses; very few have less than 5 and extremely few have more than 5. You can find many humans with such extra senses in Bharath. (Note that I am not negating other regions and cultures.) Some are gifted at birth; some acquire it by doing thapas and penance for prolonged periods, some by intense devotion and prayer to Gods, some by deep meditation, conquering ego, desire and most bodily needs (like hunger, thirst, etc.) and so on. Most such people with extra senses, serve and guide the society without looking for any material or worldly benefits. But the rational person refuses to 'accept there is sound, there is music, there is thunder' etc. This minority thinks they are the most intelligent and the vast majority as superstitous. These are indeed a poor lot! 'Ignorance is bliss!

The 5-sensed 'modern' man simply sweeps the extra sense under the carpet calling it as Extra Sensory Perceprion, in short, as ESP. Now it is well documented and established that there are more than 1, (innumerable), ESP stories.

What about those who may have more than 5, say 6, 7, ..., or humpteen, senses? Also, people having one extra sense may not have the same sense as the 6th sense. So the 5-senses ceiling on the humans is simply a cruel joke! The 'Modern man rationalises his ignorance or inability by labelling any sense beyond the 5, flatly, as Extra Sensory Perceptions.

The vast majority of the humans have 5 senses, a very small fraction of them having less than 5. By the same token, at least a very small fraction of humans would have more than 5 senses! The average human, with 5 senses has no way of experiencing and hence being aware of the 6th, 7th, ..., senses, as he doesn't have these senses. As and when some odd human experiences and expresses sensory perceptions beyond the '5', the human society handles the situation as Extra Sensory Perception!

society has 'limited' the maximum number of human senses to 5.

Also a person with less than 5 senses, say 4, cannot deny the experiences and perceptions of the 5th sense of a normal person and call it ESP. By the same token the average human, with 5 senses, cannot deny the possibility of the 6th, or 7th, or the humpteenth sense and the corresponding perception, experience etc. of another person and call them as Extra Sensory Perceptions.

So God created mankind in his own image, (Genesis 1:27)

Body , Animal, Life

Bharathiya Wisdom

In Bharath tradition, those few people who are born-with, or acquire, after prolonged practice of 'tapas', any sensory perception beyond the 5 are said to have acquired certain 'sidhdhy' and would be addressed as Guru, Rishi, Muni, etc. and greatly respected.

In most cases these persons had conquered 'desire' and so they have no personal, material and worldly interests. When they declare some facts or processes these are accepted as supreme truth.

I, with my 5 senses, believe and accept the perceptions and experiences of a person with 6 or 16 senses. In the olden days our great Rishis acquired these extra perceptions by doing intense, single-minded thapas (meditation) for very prolonged periods. [Note that humans lived very l..o..n..g years during the First or Sathya yuga of any chathur-yuga cycle.]

(this is what the Bharathiya Wisdom does!)