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According to the Bharathiya Calendar:
We are now in the 5115th human year of the KALIYUGA of the 28th MAHAYUGA of the 7th MANVANTHARA of the 1st DAY of the 51st YEAR of 'our' Brahma.

Or, we are in 'our' Brahma's 51st YEAR, on the 1st DAY, in the 7th MANVANTHARA, in the 28th MAHAYUGA, in the KALIYUGA, in the 5115th human year.

Calculating our world's age now, in terms of human years:
 ... ... ... ... Years passed ... ... ... ...
51st year50 x 3.1104 trillion155 520 000 000 000
1st day00
7th Manvanthara6 x 306,720,0001,840,320,000
(6 twilights)6 x 1,728,00010,368,000
28th Mahayuga27 x 4,320,000116,640,000
Kaliyuga3 yugas, 9x4320003,888,000
5115th year5,1145,114
Total years passed155 521 971 221 114

Our world now is155,521,971,221,114years old.
We are now in the155,521,971,221,115th year.
This world has still155,518,028,778,885years to go.

We are just past half way in the present Brahma's Life-span of 311.04 trillion years.


[Reference: 1 year of Brahma =3.1104 trillion311,040,000,000,000 years
1 Mahayuga =10 Charanas4,320,000 years
First 3 yugas =9 Charanas3,888,000 years
Twilight (of Manvantharas) =4 Charanas1,728,000 years
1 Manvanthara =71 Mahayugas306,720,000 years]