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Highly Logical and Scientific. This topic may be quite 'strange' to people with non-Bharath back-ground and mind-set and to most 'educated and Westernised Indians'.

Note that this is Bharath(iya) wisdom and NOT the Western (or Modern) wisdom which is severely limited by so many factors like the observer, equipment, etc.!!!

While the West deals with, and tries to, investigate 'matter', the Rishis and Sages of Barath had gone to the core of the many different worlds, or worlds in other different dimentions, including the one we live in and revealed their experiences and observations to us.

Note that these findings are absolute and pure as none of them were done for any personal benefit whatsoever. Note that these noble souls had already conquered their desires, for money, name, pride, etc. and revealed their experiences and observations to mankind. Note that NONE of the Bharath stuff has gone for any correction while none of the Western (scientific, technological, ...) observations and conclusions have escaped correction and upgradation!

Anything you see here may not be the final version.

1. Bharath or India or Hindusthan?
2. Bharathiya Numbers
3. Brahma, Creation, Earth & the World
4. Time_Calculation
  • Humans' Time
  • Devas' Time
  • Yuga Cycles
  • Brahma's Time
  • 5. Age Of This World Now
    6. Major Religions and Gods
    7. Hinduism and Hindus (un-finished)
    8. Perception & Logical Reasoning
    9. Superstition or Rational

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    1. Dharma, Karma & Rebirth - Uniquely Bharath
    2. Karma & The World
    3. Superstition & Science
    4. Only One World or Many Worlds
    World and Rule of Justice
    5. No God, One God, Many Gods, ...
    6. Vedhaas, Puraanaas, Ithikaasaas, ...
    7. ...