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1. Doss's QUICK MATHS (QM)
ONE-STEP Mental, Paperless Calculation.
Techniques: Multiply, Square, Cube, Roots,
%'s etc. in 5 to 10 seconds
Learn Selected QM Techniques
For 10 yrs and above; [ No upper limit ! ]
 QM is NOT Abacus, Vedic, Speed etc.
2. Doss's MAGIC MATHS (MM)
for GENUINE Aptitude Developement
Solutions by Lateral Methods
For 14 yrs and above; [ No upper limit ! ]
 NO School Formula or Methods
Vivekanand Education Society Institute of Technology

"... theoretically sound, easy-to-learn, amazingly quick, universally applicable and delightfully interesting techniques of Magic Maths ... the entire VESIT community will always cherish (this enriching lecture)"

Jason Handery

e-mail on December 22, 2011.
"I attended the workshop Sir had in Brickfields, I will have to say that it was completely different from many other seminar/workshop I have ever been. Just want to say that thanks to Sir I learned many easy new ways to solve a complicated question, which usually took me at least 2-3 minutes with a 1-2 minutes mentally, sorry I still haven't practiced much so it's a little bit slow. Once again Thank you So Much for the Extraordinary Workshop Hope There will be More Nearby Kuala Lumpur again.."

Basil Mohammed Atchha

"I looked at your website and there is so much useful information there. I must say, the way these math problems are solved shows that there is never a single way to getting a answer, there’s always another way. I very much appreciate and admire your efforts towards better learning. I am very much looking forward to getting a hands on tutorial from you whenever you are in U.A.E.""

The Star Malaysia (Dec 16, 2011)
[Magicmaths] ... "as easy as 1, 2, 3, ..."

... cure this (maths) phobia ... >>>>"

"Prof. Doss solves mathematical problems in a jiffy!"

Dubai, UAE (18 11 2008)
"... calculations are done in one step, without using pen and paper ... >>>>"

"... such lengthy procedures are a waste of time, .... >>>>"
MATHEMATICS in Ancient Bharath
Vedanga Jyotisha (circa 500 B.C.)
Peacock "Like the Crest of a peacock,
Like the Naga-ratna on the hood of a Cobra,
So is Ganitha at the head of all knowledge"

Magic Squares, Ramanujan Number, Partitions, Primes, Divisibility by Large Primes, Summation of Finite & Infinite Series, ... ... ...

in India, Abu Dhabi, Sri Lanka & Malaysia


Dharma ra...
"Dharmo Rakshathi Rakshithaka:"
(Dharma Protects Those who Adhere to Dharma!)

"Don't look for the roots of the River or the Rishi" 'Because it is beyond you!'

1. Bharath or India or Hindusthan?
2. Bharathiya Numbers
3. Brahma, Creation, Earth & the World
4. Time_Calculation (Re-Edited)
  • Humans' Time
  • Devas' Time
  • Yuga Cycles
  • Brahma's Time
  • 5. Age Of This World Now
    6. Major Religions and Gods
    7. Hinduism and Hindus (un-finished)
    AnimatedGifImages 8. Superstition is Rational & Vice-Versa

    1. Dharma, Karma & Rebirth - Uniquely Bharath
    2. Karma & The World
    3. Superstition & Science
    4. Only One World or Many Worlds
    World and Rule of Justice
    5. No God, One God, Many Gods, ...
    6. Vedhaas, Puraanaas, Ithikaasaas, ...
    7. ...
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